Women’s Fellowship of Christ Chapel is one of the Women's Ministries of Christ Chapel. Women's Fellowship brings women of faith together to serve God and our church. The goals are to:

  •  glorify God
  •  foster Christian fellowship and spiritual growth
  •  serve one another, the Church and our Cape Cod community
  •  prayerfully uphold the work of the Church, its ministries,  its outreach, its missionaries and each other. 

Quarterly meetings are held throughout the year. Open to all women, the Fellowship focuses on four ways to serve: 

  • by finding ways to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable
  • by writing notes consistently to shut-ins, missionaries, and others whose lives would be enriched by frequent reminders of loving care
  • by enhancing the appearance of the church
  • by helping to fulfill identified needs in the community.

Women who wish to participate meet as needed with the small group of their choice to fulfill the goals of the group. As women meet to serve the Lord, they will have opportunities to fellowship and to develop closer relationships.