John was raised in a loving Christian home in the Birthplace of Presidents, Quincy, MA. While he was an enlisted man in the US Navy during Submarine School, he married long-time sweetheart Linda (also of a wonderful Christian family) who made a nurturing home for their family everywhere they lived – moving 18 times in the first 17 years of their marriage. John was commissioned in 1972 in the Navy, and embarked on an aviation career, finally serving at the Naval Space Command and then the US Space Command. Linda & the 3 children were able to spend the school year 1981-’82 in Centerville and attended Christ Chapel while John went around the world completing preparation for a tour of duty in Okinawa. After circumnavigating the globe as a family, they settled in Colorado Springs for the next 17 years, where their 3 children finally enjoyed some permanence and were able to graduate from the same high school, 2 years apart. Linda and some of the grandchildren (there are 7 now) regularly summered on the Cape for over 2 decades. After nine years in the Omaha, Nebraska area, Linda & John moved full-time to Centerville in 2012. They have been active in chapels and churches everywhere the Lord has placed them, singing in choirs & as a family, serving as youth & children’s music leaders, in men’s & women’s ministries, and Operation Christmas Child. John was a deacon in Colorado Springs and Christ Chapel, and now serves as an elder.